A guide to conducting a UX design review

All websites have their strengths and weaknesses, and this is quite common in different markets. Performing a UX design review can assist you to find the weak spots.

The role of the UX Review

The goal of all UI/UX reviews is to study objectives, goals, and behaviors to find out if they are in line with the firm’s intended objectives. User experience covers user behaviors as well as how people interact with a web app or website.

Focusing On the User

An excellent user experience originates from the user’s end. Lots of users know exactly what they want to get from any given website, and the designer’s job is to present it in a clear, and simple design.

However, if you aren’t sure about what the user wants, you’ll have a very tough time. That’s why it’s better to do user research with UX research. Begin by polling users and also working with user-centered ideas.

What kind of features do users expect? What information are they always looking for?

These may seem like simple questions, but their answers can dramatically impact a site’s performance. Focus on the user first, and you will see that problem-solving starts becoming a lot easier. In a UX review, you will search for problem areas. Such things are constant, and you are bound to experience a few. However, you will not always find a solid solution at the moment. The solution can take about a few weeks or even months to come up, and it may also require lots of testing to find one that works.

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