A visually pleasing site: what makes it look good

75% of web users have admitted making judgments about a firm’s credibility because of their website design. This is not surprising. The role that a web design plays cannot be overemphasized.

According to a report from Harvard, sites that are seen as good looking are perceived as trustworthy and usable.

Here are the components that make a visually appealing website design

  • Colors::
    A site’s colors have to convey the company’s brand or personality. Colors also have an added emotional factor, so it is vital to choose colors the audience will adore.
  • Fonts:
    The website’s fonts should also effectively convey the company’s brand as well as the feeling you intend to send to your customers. The fonts must also be relatively easy to see and read.
  • Pictures & Graphics:
    Select pictures and graphics that show your company and the products they sell in the best possible light. Simply hire a good photographer if possible. These images speak volumes about a company and also play major roles in your site’s look as well as feel.
  • Complexity:
    Always strive for simplicity in your web design. Keep it simple, but not too simple so that it starts to lack appeal.
  • Usability:
    Ensure the site’s design is also user-friendly. The website navigation has to be simple, and the design must be created based on the user’s interaction with the website.
  • Clarity:
    Ensure that all pictures and graphics are sharp.
  • Consistency:
    Keep the web design (colors, fonts, heading sizes, button styles, etc.) consistent all through the site.

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