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While addressing the enthusiastic and lively crowd of students at Stanford University in 2005, late Steve Jobs quoted, “stay hungry. Stay foolish!” and we believe it was his perpetual hunger for perfection and excellence that he will always be remembered as the Michael Angelo of modern technology because none of his predecessors had shown the world an elegant and peerless fusion between art, elegance, performance and technology. Simply amazing and breathtaking. He and his team did not develop merely a smart phone but a piece of art that one cannot resist falling in love with.

At SpotCodes we hail him as an ideal when it comes to quality meeting standards, and mobile app development demands lot of this. These days everyone is busy developing mobile apps, haplessly most of them die their own death. Primarily because they consider none of the following facts prior to embarking on app development process:

Why does the business owner/business need the app

What purpose will it serve

Will it at all meet the business requirement in terms of user acceptance and usability

Is it prudent in terms of features and easy to manage and update

Is the design component minimal, compelling and engaging enough

Are any of the competitors using a similar app

Is it simple and intuitive

If yes, how successful is the app and what can be learned from the existing model in the market

What are its online and offline components

Do you just want an app for the sake of having one or you really want it to act as business catalyst

Will the features of the app serve the purpose of acting as business facilitator rather than inhibitor

Is the target audience ready for the app because we strongly believe mobile app is not meant for every business

Should it be completely native or hybrid or a fusion of both

Is the mobile app smarter than the mobile version of the website, if not, then it better be or there is no use of developing one. Simply waste of time and client resources.

And lot more needs to be deciphered and evaluated prior to developing a mobile app. We always recommend a detailed Discovery Phase to all our clients before deciding to develop an app for their business. Maybe it is not required at all and the mobile version of the website can work much better. In some cases it is true. More so for small business owners.

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Let us know about your app idea, and help us turn it into a reality. Our experts are waiting to hear from you, click the link and get in touch with us. We appreciate your views and are eager to hear your idea. Please be assured our experts are good at spotting the essence of any means of communication. They have been disciplined to believe,

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said
Peter Drucker
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