How to Make Magento Filters SEO Friendly

Magento is an excellent e-commerce platform, but like others, its limitations. It uses a Layered Navigation feature as is used by online sellers. This can be difficult to handle from an SEO perspective.

Here are some handy tips to fix this issue;

  • Block All Layered Pages from Indexing

If you’re new to using Magento platform and haven’t got a clue how to set it up, ensure that Google doesn’t index all pages that were created by the Layered Navigation feature. Simply place the no index tag in section of the pages generated via “Filters.”

  • Make use of a Layered Navigation Extension

Use an Improved Layered Navigation such as Amnasty. This extension allows your consumers find the products they’re searching for while also solving Magento’s SEO issues.

You can also enhance the functionality of the filtered pages to add a combination of filters for PPC, special deals, and long tail keywords.

  • Keep Tweaking

Don’t lose sight of the main goal for adding SEO to your Magento site. Always review your site particularly if you’re always adding new items.

Are there any new search queries you hope to rank for? Keep on building pages using filtered products for such queries. The goal is to plan in advance as it takes Google a while to deindex the duplicate pages, particularly if you have lots of them.


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