Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.
– Plato

Google as a search engine has evolved over the years and it is now poised to be a highly intuitive Knowledge Engine and not merely a Search Engine. With this transformation of the search giant it becomes essential on part of Digital Marketing experts to evolve their strategies and marry the contemporary approach with the conventional approach. Although only a few key components from the legacy approach find practical application in the modern SEO.
Contemporary strategy to promote a web property is more dependent on quality rather than quantity – which was the case earlier. Few hundred links and your website was on top – Now the trend is changing and Google prefers quality over quantity.

At Spotcodes we help you in achieving this perfect balance between the old and new. Prior to defining our strategy we always determine the following attributes of your web property:

  • Study Behavioral Patterns and Tendencies
  • Determine Content and Keyword Relevancy
  • Perform Competitor Analysis
  • Comprehensive Target market Analysis
  • Check Preparedness of the web property in terms of facilitating longer “Visitor Stay Time” and reduction in “Bounce Rate!”
  • Anlayse the current trends and match them with client expectations/aspirations
  • Establish the OOMPH factor of the website/landing pages/Promotional Content/Media Snippets/Social Presence and lot more

Strategy Development

And accordingly devise a plan of action to help you in achieving the best and plausible results; achievable by employing WHITE HAT MEANS only. Search Engines are not perfect and few people have figured out number of loop holes in their algorithms and based on their findings they sometimes put the web property or the reputation of brand at stake by using Black Hat means of promoting a website. They manage to show results but the results are not long lasting and ultimately result it putting the web property in jeopardy and ruin its search engine credibility. So it is not good to be “ penny wise and pound foolish!”

At Spotcodes we believe in offering our esteemed clients best and genuine services. Our promotional strategies are in complete harmony with Google guidelines and universal standards of White Hat practices. We do not believe in offering instant results, but in long lasting and practically achievable results, possible via White Hat techniques. For instant results PPC – Pay Per Click – is the best solution. SEO – Search Engine Optimisation – is a gradual process and demands time and precession. Almost like a person interested in bodybuilding, without administering steroids needs to be patient and highly focused. It is time consuming but in due course of time it shows amazing results with no side effects. Whereas a person craving for instant muscle build up relies on steroids. Indeed they show results and quite impressive ones. But in the long run the person suffers and leads a miserable life thereafter. A web property is similar, right way is the best way. SEO, PPS, SMO are the best way if handled by an expert who believes in WHITE HAT Strategy and completely disapproves of BLACK HAT Strategy.

This is one reason we emphasize on KEYWORD RESEARCH. It forms the building block of SEO,PPC strategy. A well researched sets and sub-sets of keywords makes it easy and inevitable for the web property to beat the competition and gain the trust of search giant “GOOGLE!”

Our Approach

Our Keyword Research is quite comprehensive and precision driven.

  • First, we think like a searcher who is desperate to find the most relevant result and will try any combination of words to find it. At times weird ones.
  • Understanding Target Market’s keyword demand and affinity ratio
  • Check keyword relevancy in terms of content present on the website
  • Determine which websites are already trending for the selected keywords for better understanding of competition.
  • Accomplish a thorough competitors’ analysis.
  • Accomplish a thorough target Market Analysis.
  • Evaluation of current trends and their traction in Google.
  • Keywords and Key Phrase combinations that contribute largely to this trend.
  • LSI – Latent Semantic Indexing
  • Be as imaginative as possible because a user searching for information will not rest until he/she finds the desired result and to achieve this. He/she will try each and every possible keyword or keyword combinations. Therefore it is best to think as a person searching for information via Google.
  • We also involve keyword determining tools , however we largely rely on manual evaluations because keyword research is critical for the success of campaign and depending completely on ARTIFICAL INTELLIGENCE can be fatal.
  • Never underestimate the value of long tail keywords because long tail keywords often convert better, because they catch people later in the buying/conversion cycle. A person searching for “shoes” is probably browsing, and not ready to buy. On the other hand, someone searching for “best price on Air Jordan size 12” practically has their wallet out!
  • And lot more goes into determining the sets and subsets of target keywords.
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