Techniques for Growing User Engagement in iOS Mobile Apps

A mobile app is no longer simply an extension of a website. In recent times, companies have adopted a mobile only or mobile-first format. It is important that developers follow the best practices and follow the trends of app usage.

However, the techniques for app engagement vary from one operating system to the other.  Below are the best techniques for growing user engagement on iOS apps;

Push Notification

This can either be in form of a short text message, a notification sound, or a badge number on your app icon. A push notification may also be a silent but allows the app perform a task the background.

Mobile App Deep Linking

Another great way to boost engagement on iOS devices is through deep linking. It has to do with using a within-app link structure to drive your audience to specific pages instead of the homepage.

Localization + Internationalization

You can engage your users on a cultural level by communicating with them in their language. Allowing users to translate app pages is one of the best ways to increase engagement.

Spotlight Indexing

Giving users the option to search your mobile app without opening will boost engagement. Users will be able to search your app, even when the window is closed.


When you use Sirikit, you grant users the ability to converse with your app. If your app falls into any of the below categories, you can to increase engagement with Sirikit;

  • Ride booking
  • VoIP calling
  • Messaging
  • Payments
  • Workouts
  • Photo Search

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