Tips to reduce friction on your e-Commerce website

You want to eliminate friction on your e-commerce website as much as possible. Remember that the market is highly competitive and that means that if you put glitches in your customer’s experience, they can easily go elsewhere for their products or services. Here are some major ways that friction is built within a website:

1.    Descriptions are not clear enough. Make sure that every one of your item descriptions is spot-on in terms of specifics. The last thing customers want is a vague description or questions on products. Include a thorough and succinct paragraph to get your product or service’s value across clearly.

2.    Pricing isn’t transparent. No one wants an e-commerce website that showcases “surprise” extras upon checkout. For example, if someone buys Widget A at $9.99 and then upon checkout they are notified that to get Widget A to work, they also need to buy Adaptor B at $4.99, they aren’t going to be happy.

3.    Methods of payment aren’t diverse enough. A lot of people use PayPal but not everyone! Be sure that your e-commerce website offers a diversity of payment options. You don’t want to put glitches into the shopping process.

4.    Shopping cart isn’t easy to work with. Speaking of the shopping process…be sure that the shopping cart you create for your potential customers is clear and easy to maneuver. You want them to be able to find it, change it, change quantities, etc. easily and quickly.

5.    Tracking isn’t possible. Once a customer buys a product they want to know how long it will take for them to receive it. This is where proper tracking tools will bring huge value to your overall customer UX. Make sure that you have an integrated system that either tracks packages for them, or takes them to the delivery method being used.

Go through your website to improve the overall user experience. This is the best way to ensure that they will be happy with your service and continue to come back for more.

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